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Insurance brings peace of mind for many, especially in times when things go wrong and you are impacted by a fire, flood, natural disaster or other loss.

It is important to ensure you have contacted your Insurance Provider or Insurance Broker regarding your claim before contacting Citywide Assessors. On lodging your claim, you can request a Citywide assessor at this time.

If you have made a claim, one of our Citywide Assessors may have been assigned by your insurance provider or insurance broker.

The information below is to help you if you have never made a claim against your insurance before. We provide some insight in what services your Citywide Assessor or Loss Adjustor provides in this process.

The claims process

The claims process can be divided into nine stages or steps;

  1. The event
  2. Notification of loss to your Insurance provider or broker
  3. Insurance provider assigns a Loss Adjustor / Assessor for your claim
  4. Loss Adjustor / Assessor makes contact with that insured (That is you)
  5. Loss Adjustor assesses the claim to provide an independent report to the Insurance Provider
  6. At this stage, the insurance company assesses your claim and determines whether or not they will pay out as per the conditions specified in your insurance policy. A copy of your policy wording will be available online if you would like to research this also.
  7. If your claim is not accepted you will be advised that you can withdraw your claim and also the reasons behind why your claim was not accepted.
  8. Settling the claim – this process may involve different companies, contractors and insurance providers to reinstate your property by repairing or replacing damaged property or items, covering legal fees, or through cash settlement.
  9. Seeking recoveries and salvage

If you require further information, your Citywide Loss Adjustor / Assessor is available for any questions you may have.

Please Note: It is extremely important that you are honest and accurate in all your communications regarding your insurance claim. In the process of your claim, if you misrepresent the truth in any way, this is considered fraud and your claim will automatically become void, leaving you without cover for your loss.

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We provide independent advice

We assist you and the insurer by providing independent professional advice and reporting. This assists this process to reinstate by repairing or replacing damaged property or items, covering legal fees, or through cash settlement as efficiently as possible.

Why us?

Sound Industry and Technical Knowledge

Our team provides extensive technical knowledge for different claim situations. This provides all parties the best possible experience.

Excellent Communication and Relationship Skills

Up to date and relevant communication is essential for all parties involved in the claims process. This ensures peace of mind for all involved.

Extensive Insurance Experience

Our combined team industry experience provides you with over 50 years experience.

Great Customer Support

We aim to put all parties at ease and feel comfortable with the claim process.