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At Citywide we know this is a “people industry” and our job is all about making it easier to do business. Our excellent interpersonal skills put the Insurer’s client at ease and makes them feel comfortable with the process. We pay particular regard to regular and meaningful communication with both the Claimant and the Insurer. This is particularly important where long delays might be expected in the repair process and hardship and inconvenience may be experienced. Initial communications will always include a clear outline of the claim process. We understand the professionalism and skill of the Loss Adjuster can often appease concern through appropriate advice, prompt action, effective communication and by progressing the claim in a timely fashion to provide that “best possible experience” to the claimant.


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Our goal is to build strong relationships with all brokers we deal with.

Large Corporations

We are a preferred supplier to various large corporations currently.

Can customise options for individual needs.

Can provide independent advice.

3rd Party Agreements

If you would like to discuss the possibility of engaging in a 3rd Party Agreement with us, please contact either Daniel or Terry to discuss how we can assist you best.

Preferred Loss Adjustor and Direct Appointment

The moment of truth for an insured individual is when they make a claim. This is often an emotionally charged time and an expectation, whether real or imagined, is placed upon the process and the company they have chosen to insure with. Poor management of the claim process can lose a customer forever with the added insult of bad PR communicated to friends and associates.

The benefits of returning a customer to a “state of normality” as quickly as possible following a claim are significant leaving them feeling very satisfied with the quality of service they have experienced and reaffirming their choice of Insurer and Broker.

With this in mind the team at Citywide Assessors have developed and successfully trialled an Agreed Loss Adjuster and direct Broker appointment model to attend to fire and general claims – both domestic and commercial.

The benefits realised have been significant and include the more timely and efficient processing of the claim. With an Agreed Loss Adjuster Direct appointment Insurers and Brokers can feel comfortable in the knowledge their clients will receive professional attention resulting in that “best possible experience, a direct reflection upon the Insurer and Broker’s businesses.

Mission Statement

To provide the highest levels of customer satisfaction to both Insurers and Claimants by professionally managing claims with honesty, integrity, timeliness and empathy.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable people strive to provide; appropriate advice, prompt action, effective communication and progression of a claim in a timely fashion to provide the “best possible experience” to the claimant.